Bayesian ranking responses in multiple response questions
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The marginal posterior probability by normal approximation MPP.r.

  • Data

This data is a survey of 49609 first-year college students in Taiwan for the year
2003 about their preferences for college study.
The following question is the multiple response question used in this study.

Question : What kind of experience do you expect to receive during the period
                 of college study? (Select at least one response)

  1. Read Chinese and foreign classics
  2. Travel around Taiwan
  3. Present academic papers in conferences
  4. Lead large-scale activities
  5. Be on a school team
  6. Be a student association leader
  7. Participate internship programs
  8. Fall in love
  9. Have sexual experience
  10. Travel around the world
  11. Make many friends
  12. Other
¡»      Data file : data_3_Q7¡@

There are 12 responses in the data set.

¡½ Response variable :

 "1" denotes the respondent select the response ;
 "0" denotes the respondent does not select the response ;
 Blank denotes the missing value.